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Paris mayor to push for 24-hour Metro service



Hidalgo told French TV on Tuesday that she wants to see a 24-hour service on the Metro in the future.




The mayor is hoping to convince RATP bosses to extend the opening hours a little at a time over the coming years that will eventually result in a 24-hour service.




"What I have asked RATP and the president of the Ile de France region, is to be able to extend it by one hour each year," she told BFM TV.


她告訴BFM電視台:「我要求RATP及首都圈(Ile de France region)主席,每年延長1個小時。」


If Hidalgo does stick to her pre-election promise of succeeding in making the Paris Metro run all night, it will be done on a staggered basis, with driverless lines 1 and 14 probably the first to operate 24-hours a day.







result in:片語,導致、促成。

例句:Their dispute resulted in war.(他們的爭端引發戰爭。)



例句:The campaign has succeeded in raising public awareness of the issue.(這項活動成功喚起大眾對此議題的關注。)



例句:After he was attacked, he managed to stagger to the phone and call for help.(他被攻擊後,步履蹣跚地走到電話旁打電話求救。)