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【托福Toefl英文學習情報】Home 和 House 的13種英文表達方式!

你知道什麼是On the house嗎?有聽過Home sweet home嗎?一起來學習13個和home, house有關的表達方法吧!還能增強你的托福實力喔!



My hometown is Toronto.

2. homesick 鄉愁

I’m homesick. I miss my family.

3. homeless I 無家可歸

I sleep on the street. I’m homeless.

4. Home sweet home! 在家真好,終於到家了 (※托福NOTE:離開家很久,一回到家時會說)

5. housework家事

She does all the housework.

6. homework作業

Our teacher gave us too much homework.

7. Make yourself at home. 當自己家 (※托福NOTE:招待客人時可以這樣說)

8. On the house 餐廳某樣餐點免費 (※托福NOTE:飲料或湯,餐廳免費提供的餐點)

9. house specialty 餐廳的招牌菜

Pizza is their house specialty.

10. house wine 餐廳提供的酒 (※托福NOTE:通常比較便宜,餐廳推薦的酒)

Would you like the house red or white?

11. house music 電子音樂曲風

The club plays house and hip hop music.

12. full house客滿 (※托福NOTE:針對戲院、劇場使用)

It’s a full house. There are no more tickets for the play.

13. house party 在家舉辦的派對

I’m going to a house party tonight.

Photo by Stephen Di Donato on Unsplash